Submission Guidelines

by Jacqueline Jannotta


Think of as future “visioning” by looking at where we’ve come from, or where we are hoping to go. Posts aim to project the arc of humanity toward “Becoming Better,” which doesn’t imply that we aren’t “good” to begin with; but rather acknowledges that there's always room to grow. is a place where individual stories connect to a broader idea of how the collective (We) can become better. Each post suggests or underscores some aspect of how we have become better; how we are becoming better; how we can, or even will, become better.

Said in a slightly different way, I'm looking to encourage and gather personal insights or stories that show how humans (nationally or globally) have become better in recent history, and how we are poised to become better in the foreseeable future.

The HOW are the Guidelines:

• The personal is always part of the collective, and vice versa. To this end, every post has a personal story/angle attached to it. If I/we speak with an authentic (even vulnerable) voice, we increase the likelihood of getting inside the reader’s head and heart. Also, it means we aren’t preaching from the pulpit, or are taking on a holier than thou perspective.

• Stories or ideas shared in a post can come from your past, or even passed down to you. They might be second or third-hand stories/ideas that made a personal impression upon you. But you should always tell them through a personal lens (which doesn’t espouse a specific or rigid doctrine) A good indicator to know if you’re on the right track with a post idea is if it challenges you to be vulnerable in some way. Some further considerations about potential stories:

  • Perhaps at some point in your life you gained a whole new world view from an unexpected incident — even if you didn’t realize it till after the fact.
  • Or maybe you’ve re-visited stories from your past to gain a clearer, better vision for our future? 
  • They could even be stories you've rejected from your past. Or one twist further, stories you've previously rejected, but now are reconsidering! 
  • Stories worth crafting and sharing are those that tend to circle back to you time and again.

A reminder that is not about self-improvement, but instead about collective betterment. It underscores that we're evolving as a people — from where we stand and looking ahead, or from where we’ve stood to where we are now. While that doesn’t mean you, or someone in your story, didn’t improve personally, the real change is focused on the Us or the We. That change might be something that took generations, or happened in an instant.

• A post you write may be political, in the sense that everything is political, but BecomingBetterPeople avoids any sort of “us and them” divide. It eschews labels of democratic/republican; left/right; liberal/conservative. Issues can be discussed without getting into “divided” territory. Hopefully your post will spark conversations that are more political, because policy drives change too (and collective self-empowerment is what democracy is all about). So, if you want to share a politically motivated post, think along the lines of We the People, instead of a particular party affiliation.

• Please reach out and tell me what you're contemplating so we can get on the same page. I’m happy to email back and forth if you aren’t sure what direction to take your piece.

• I welcome your suggestion for non-profits to be featured to accompany your post, though no promises they’ll be selected.

• And if there's a quality image you’re eager to use with your post, I’d be thrilled to consider it.