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Coming October 2019

Do you ever dream about living in a foreign land, savoring the scents, sounds and flavors of life in another corner of the world? Perhaps you imagine a deep dive into a single culture. Or maybe it’s extended travel to explore a range of places across the globe.

It may seem impossible to design this kind of life-changing adventure for you and your family, but Let’s Leave the Country! shows you how to make it happen. This is the book author Jacqueline Jannotta wishes she’d had when planning her own family’s year in Italy. Now she offers her expertise, along with insights and tips from dozens of others. Let her lead you through the practical and emotional hurdles of orchestrating an extended adventure beyond the border, including guidance on:

      • Developing the optimal mindset to achieve your dream
      • Finding “ambassadors” who will help ease your passage abroad
      • Overcoming the obstacles you may encounter
      • Creating the richest experience possible once you’re beyond the border
      • Extending the adventure long after you return home as better versions of yourselves.

Immersing in a whole new setting offers a fresh perspective, a renewed sense of vitality, and exponential growth for you and your family. Let’s Leave the Country! will help coax your dream out of hiding so you can forge an inspired and unforgettable journey.

"If you're considering a family year abroad, this is your first book to read (and re-read). Jacqueline Jannotta is the detail-oriented guide, wise mentor and honest friend you need to help you make the leap from dream to reality."

- Asha Dornfest, author of Parent Hacks and co-host of the Edit Your Life podcast

“This is a wonderful book and it completely rebooted my excitement about our family year abroad. Not only do I feel much better prepared, but I could not put it down — that says a lot for a 'How To' book.”

-Megan Mahar Barnett,