Let’s Leave the Country! Giveaways

by Jacqueline Jannotta

To celebrate the launch of both Let’s Leave the Country! and Becoming Better People, I am giving away some valuable downloads to those who sign up for my seasonal newsletter. You can expect the content at Becoming Better People to build on some of the central themes in my book in a much more expansive way. And for now, these giveaways are helpful, even if you don’t do a year abroad: 

Language Learning Tips

While we are all students of language, whether we realize it or not, deciding to acquire a foreign language as an adult requires a good dose of intention. This download is a list of my best practices based on a few decades of learning Italian.

Tips for Traveling With Kids (or Kids at Heart)

Any parent who’s traveled with kids knows it takes preparation and a whole different attitude. This list has some great ideas to keep kids of all ages motivated and engaged while traveling.